Amanda Sue Gyurik Wedding Photography for the Hopeless Romantics


Story Telling that captures Love. Romance. & Passion.

Candid Photography

Bride & Groom at The Foxhill Inn Wedding Venue Connecticut

"I want love to be simple. I want to trust without thinking. I want to be generous with my affection and patience and love unconditionally. It is easier to love a person with their flaws than to weed through them. I want to love the whole person, not parts; and this is how I want to be loved."-Jewel 

What is Your Photography Style?


Photography is more than just a service I provide, it's my passion.  I capture your day as it truly unfolds, photographing every detail & moment unobtrusively. I am there every step of the way, on your day, to help fluff your dress, straighten the grooms tie, guide you into beautiful shots. "Photojournalistic" or "Candid" photography, is my style....but I will ensure that I will be there to guide you, looking your best for those "Masterpiece" portraits.



Your Day is about Your journey, that has led you to this Day.

It's about your friends and family that have been there cheering you on, through & through. I want to preserve those memories for you. Freeze them in time, like a time capsule for your children, and Your children's children. 

 Your Day is about the people that helped support you on your journey. And Your Day is about building a Love that is worthy of being remembered for many years and generations to come.                   

I will give you A timeless keepsake, that will never go out of style, Timeless, Romantic Images.

Your Wedding Photos & your Wedding album, someday, will be placed into the hands of your Grandchildren & then they will know what "True Love" looks like! they will see Your Story.

Classical Story Telling


With a Romantically Classic feel & an Original soft touch, I incorporate my passion for Fine Art in every photo I capture. 

I'm a free spirit that believes I attract similar adventurous couples, whom also love Timeless Art,  love the Cityscapes, & have a deep appreciation for Photography.  

A Few kind Words~

Romantic Wedding Photography

       Paulette   9/19/2018                                                    

Amanda is an Amazing Photographer,but also an Amazing person!She is kind & fierce, all in one.

Her energy is contagious,and she is a true professional.

Amanda shot our Wedding this past weekend and everyone commented about her Awesomeness!!! Thank you Amanda A million times over!!!

What Photography means to me?


Being part of such an important, life changing Event is just such an honor. I feel truly Blessed to be able to capture my Bride & Groom's Wedding day, as it truly happened. Also, to be able to capture it in an Artistic, yet candid style. You can go back and relive those feelings and moments over and over again, for a lifetime! To be part of your Story....well it's literally my dream come true.  So, as I'm capturing your Dreams and freezing them into a time capsule, I am living my Dreams painting with light.

                                     -Amanda S.Gyurik

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